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The AC/DC CDRH Power Supplier is a small remote-control box that allows you to connect to - and interface with - a single laser head. This Single Laser Remote with Power Supply for WhisperIT® Lasers offers all the features from the laser in a convenient CDRH-compliant interface. You can use it to implement analog modulation control of the laser, such as switching the laser, and adjusting its power. Also, there are two status indicators on each AC/DC CDRH Power Supplier’s top, for showing the voltage and total current.

We have four kinds of AC/DC CDRH Power Suppliers, for different lasers and Different-area usages. Details are shown below:
(1) 5V/5V CDRH Control Box Low active
(2) 5V/5V CDRH Control Box High active
(3) 5V/9V CDRH Control Box Low active
(4) 5V/9V CDRH Control Box High active

Customer can do the selection per specific application.

♦ Friendly to use design
♦ Laser safety features (CDRH) such as key switch and interlock
♦ Full input and output connections for analog modulation control
♦ Laser status indicators
♦ Compact size
♦ With mounting brackets

♦ Applications that require analog control the laser
♦ Applications that require laser control at a remote location away from the laser
♦ Laboratories that require CDRH features

▍ AC/DC CDRH Power Supplier

DB9 Female

    PIN 1: +5V/+9V
     PIN 2: NC
     PIN 3: +5V
     PIN 4: NC
     PIN 5: GND_TEC
     PIN 6: ADJ
     PIN 7: Enable
     PIN 8: NC
     PIN 9: GND_LD

Laser control interface: 9-pin female connector

Mechanical Diagrams (unit: mm)


▍ AC Adapter for the AC/DC CDRH Power Supplier



Input voltage

100V to 240V AC

Input current


Input frequency

47Hz. to 63Hz.

Output voltage

12V DC

Rated current (max)


Specifications of the AC Adapter